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Hypnosis is an enigmatic process which has a mystic aura surrounding it. People don’t completely comprehend it and this mystique is maintained because if this continuing curiosity. The flame of curiosity keeps burning as people keep speculating and more often than not, misunderstand it! All that being said, it is essential to be informed about the fact that hypnosis’ uses in the real world have spread their arms in an interdisciplinary fashion. It is not just powerful but also completely versatile. But every great thing comes with few conspiracies and obstacles and the million myths associated with hypnosis prove to be those.

Is one asleep while they are hypnotized?

Do you look at a hypnotized person in a state of trance and think they’re asleep just because their eyes are closed? You might be wrong to assume so because they are quite aware of what’s happening around them. Some even believe that senses get heightened and more focused in a hypnotic state.

Hypnotists have to be fancy or flamboyant

That actually happens but only in weird TV shows and movies. Hypnosis needs a calm mind and a man wearing a funny tie who talks all fancy stuff would take a long time to achieve that state. Generally, these hypnotists are dressed in grey.

Only gullible people can be hypnotized

The absolute converse is more accurate as the higher your control and intelligence, the easier you can be hypnotized. You need much more concentration than average to enter a hypnotic trance.

Retrieval of old memories can be facilitated

That fact is really far from reality as a hypnotist would rather find it easier to implant a piece of false information in the subject’s mind. In a hypnotic trance, the power of suggestion works better.

Hypnosis restricts lying

Sodium pentothal and Hypnosis are extremely different where chemical composition is concerned! The usual moral and immoral senses do not get switched off under hypnosis so you still can lie.

People hypnotised during surgeries feel no pain!

If you have heard anybody say that they’ve had surgery using hypnosis and no anaesthesia, you can assume that it is mostly conjecture. It may not be impossible but it is not a very easy state to attain the peace of mind where you can have surgery without using any drugs to relieve pain.

Gene altering is possible using hypnosis

Back in 1952, a young boy developed a congenital skin disorder which made fish scales appear on his body as his skin’s oil glands didn’t flake off after they died. The doctor tried treating him for warts using hypnosis as that is a possible course of treatment for the disease but even though the disease was misdiagnosed, the treatment actually worked!

You have never been a subject

It is not a correct course of thinking which tells you that since you’ve never seen a hypnotherapist, you’ve never been hypnotised. Even while you drive a large distance, the mind gets mildly hypnotised without effort!

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