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Usually, this is the part where an introduction is given by means of what we’re talking about in terms of its definition. But Hypnosis is not such an easy subject to define. There is no universally accepted description which we can apply to Hypnosis in the dictionary. That can be attributed to the fact that nobody who’s been hypnotized has been able to describe the feeling as the brain goes into a trance. The first step a hypnotist takes is to gain the confidence of the subject and then slowly induces the hypnotic state using a few psychological tools. The following are the classifications that are observed nowadays:


A skilled stage hypnotist tries to encourage as much audience participation as possible because that makes a show more entertaining. He encourages and tries to incorporate skeptics or believers based on how confident he is in his craft. He does tests to see who are the set of people who volunteer and then checks how gullible to hypnosis they are based on simple muscle experiments. A major part of the show also revolves around the pressure of the audience looking at you and expecting some action. This is the same action which you drove so far from to watch and enjoy. Nobody wants to be a party-pooper and they decide to play along with the hypnotist’s charades. Speaking from the training point of view, both the therapist and entertainer need similar kinds of training and conviction to their craft in order to excel and provide their customers what they’re looking for. The entertainer has to be very careful and particular in the selection of people as selecting extravert people who are willing to participate will always work in their favor.


Hypnotherapy is an effective way which is used to cure plenty of health problems which range from addiction, weight loss, phobias and fears. But its widely being regarded as the science and skill which might be helpful in treating any ailment that one may need help with. Hypnotherapists have the skill to relax facial muscles which in turn would create the same effect as Botox therapy. It can be visibly seen that the amount of lines on one’s face get reduced after hypnotic relaxation. There are practitioners who help men get more comfortable with women and vice- versa by helping them imagine being a member of the opposite sex. Hay fever has also been treated under few instances by showing images which trigger psychosomatic effect completely opposite of hay fever. Hypnotherapy helps in a very subtle way which we might not notice immediately as it doesn’t make fat completely disappear overnight but it helps to influence a person to eat lesser food than they normally would.


There are other fields as well where effects of hypnotherapy are making their presence felt as people take its help to enhance sexual pleasure and child birth.

Hypnotherapy is changing every moment as practitioners have started communicating as well!

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